approach problems in JESUS’ STRENGTH not yours (click here)

We have to get out of our feelings …. But still ask ourselves the question HOW DO YOU FEEL?
We can not rely on our feelings to properly guide us in life. Life will relentlessly continue to do what life does goes on. So all to often we find ourselves facing valleys or at the mercy of someone else and their actions and we are stuck with the realization that our reality is actually based on how we react to something and not how “they” made us feel … that means accountability .. However I’m talking spiritually .. where Jesus died for us and is calling upon us to accept him. So that we would not face these trials with our our own strength and feelings but instead with his strength.
So if all that is true than why ever ask ourselves how we feel? It’s simple … It will tell you who is lording over your thoughts and actions … See if you are having feelings of FEAR or WORRY those are only results that Satan seeks meaning whatever it is that you fear is influenced by him … Vs feeling happiness or joy which would indicate results that GOD would seek for us in our lives. So HOW DO YOU FEEL?


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